Are you feeling anxious? Lonely? Bored? Hopeless? Inspired? Are you turning to cooking and eating for comfort? Are you longing for a special dish that you know you can't have because the person you usually share it with is not with you? Are you trying to master a new baking skill?


We want to hear your stories of food in lockdown. Sad, funny, joyful, profound or silly, we have space for all kinds of stories.

Take part in the Comfort Food in lockdown podcast

Record your story (5mn max) by using the button below. We will edit them together into a podcast to keep people company during  lockdown. Like a global audio dinner party. 


We'll also turn the recipes into a book, which all contributors will receive for free.

3 tips to make
your story stand out

Describe the food with all your senses. What does it smell like? What's the texture? What sounds do you hear when you cook or eat it?

Set the scene. Where and when do you normally eat this food? Who do you share it with? Do you have any rituals around it?

Talk about your feelings. What emotions does that story bring up?

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