How does food help you to feel connected to others during Covid times?

Is there a certain meal you’ve enjoyed sharing during lockdown? Did you cook a dish to feel closer to a friend or family member who you can’t be with in person? We want to hear your stories of food and connection in lockdown. Sad, funny, joyful, profound or silly, we have space for all kinds of stories.

Take part in the Comfort Food in lockdown e-cookbook 

We’d love you to connect with us and tell your story! Use the button below to record it by leaving us a voice message (max. length five minutes).


We'll be selecting a range of stories that will be turned into a digital 

cookbook to keep people company during this pandemic. 

You will receive the book for free if you contribute a story. Others will be able the book receive it by donating to the charity Pembroke House; a centre for community and social action based in Walworth, South London. 


When Covid-19 struck back in March, there was a huge increase in the number of people struggling to access food and basic goods. Pembroke House moved fast to respond. Since then, they've brought together over 350 volunteers to deliver over 150 tonnes of food to hundreds of neighbours in need each week; their online activities are keeping people happy and healthy; and their discussion groups have brought the neighbourhood together to talk about how we aim for a better society after COVID-19.

3 tips to make
your story stand out

Describe the food with all your senses. What does it smell like? What's the texture? What sounds do you hear when you cook or eat it?

Set the scene. Where do the ingredients come from? Where and when do you eat this food? Who do you normally share it with? Do you have any rituals around it?

Talk about your feelings. What emotions does that story bring up? How does it help you feel connected to others?