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‘Comfort Food’ is an intimate experience combining audio storytelling and dining to bring people’s emotional food memories to life. It builds on the old age wisdom that food brings people together. We run supper clubs and partner with charities to share interesting and intimate stories where food is a starting point for connection and empathy.

Taste, listen, feel...

We are always on the lookout for stories. If there is a dish, a taste or a smell that brings up strong feelings to your memory, we want to hear from you. So far, we have collected stories about love, resilience, migration, and belonging. 

Explore our audio stories

"Thank you for a lovely evening. Good food, with informative stories full of passion and truth. Well done to you all!"

Guest, Feb 2019

"What a great way to experience a new space and learn about its history. I really enjoyed the immersive element. Thank you."

Guest, Feb 2019

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